Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Natalie - Month Three.

Age: 3 months
Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz
Height: unknown (they didn't measure!)
Clothes: 0-3 months.

Dear Natalie,

You are 3 months old! As the "4th trimester" closes, it is so exciting to see your personality emerge. You are a smiley happy baby, that's for sure. You give the biggest smiles and have officially started giggling. You're so happy in the mornings and when I pick you up from day care. I love that sweet little grin! 

You're also camera shy. As soon as I bring the camera up to take a picture, you deadpan. It's hilariously frustrating, because your grandmas would love to see more smiles! 

You started sleeping through the night last week. We put you down around 7:30, and daddy says you wake up around 6 am (I'm already gone for work). You always go down awake too - unless you're not feeling well. And heaven forbid we try to cuddle you to sleep - not having it. You'll sleep spread out in your crib, in the car seat, or in the Tula. But not in our arms. You love the crib too - the sleep you get is so much sounder than you ever got in our room. Any siblings you have will probably just start in the crib to begin with! 

Speaking of...we're battling our first family cold. Poor girl - you're so stuffy. You can't breathe well through your nose, so we have to use the "booger sucker" every time you need to eat. Which ticks you off to no end. I'm hoping yours is almost past. 

You still love to stand. Also, suck your little fingers. They're in your mouth every morning. You have a wubanub that you like, but I think it's all for the stuffed animal part - you're not very interested in the paci part. Daycare is going well too. Donisha is your teacher, and you give her the biggest grins when you see her. Sierra is the other little girl in your room, and you two are only 5 days apart. Tummy time is apparently spent with you two looking at each other and cooing.

You've finally started loving the Tula. We're going on walks with Bowser every (well most) evening. We started so that you would get used to the thing since we'll be hiking in Denver in June, but we all like it so it's continuing! It's definitely good for us to be out and about. You're also finally out of your newborn cloth diapers. We're using the Best Bottoms system, and it works really well for us so far. I'm a huge fan (and it only cost about $200!!).