Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who's This Crazy Blogger You're Stalking?

Don't lie. You know you're addicted to blogs. It's okay, me too.

I’ve always had a blog it seems. It started with a Xanga account my freshman year of high school, which was the thing to do at my first high school. Then I switched schools. At my new school, the “cool” thing was a LiveJournal. To be fair, they were actually pretty even in use at my first school, but the customizable opportunities of LJ kind of overwhelmed me then. Oh how far I’ve come. I switched over to LJ, where my longest running blog evolved. I maintained that blog for just over 7 years. Crazy, right? So much of my life is documented on that URL – it’s amazing how one little line can contain so much. My life has changed so much in the last six months that I decided I needed a new blog – one that better reflects who I am now. Hopefully, I can keep this one running as long as previous blogs – only time will

As far as the name of this blog goes, it seemed fitting. Anyone who knows me in real life know that I have a very distinctive laugh. And I love laughing. I try to maintain a positive attitude, and I try to find the good in everything and everyone, because, after all, life is beautiful. It’s much too short to go about moping and complaining.
 (True Laughter. The Sweetest Thing.)

So now comes the biggest question- who am I? Behind every person, every face, every laugh, there lies a story. A tale that has evolved over a lifespan, and has every imaginable (and often unimaginable) twist and turn. Mine is no different.

My name is Amanda. I’m a 20-something, recent college graduate from the University of Missouri. Like every other recent grad, I’m just starting out and trying to find my place in the world. I’m one crafty girl, and I love to cook, bake, and make tons of things. I’m an adventurous homebody, who loves traveling and staying in at night. My weakness is chocolate and amaretto sours, in addition to pineapple upside down cake and anything Italian. I was in marching band for over seven years, and credit some of my best friends to it. I’m Catholic, born and raised, and I’m still working on developing my faith in my adulthood. I love to volunteer and build things.
(Lyndsey, Allie, Me, Jayme - They call us the quartet)
(Cause we're just that awesome)
(My Mizzou Girls)
 (My YG kids - Tijuana Mexico)
(Top Row: Patty, Mandi, Me, Emily, Tory, Audrey, Katy, Josh)
(Bottom Row: Moni, Megan, LeAnn, Kristin)

I’m engaged to my incredible fiancé, Sean. We’re high school sweethearts, and we’ve been together for over 4 ½ years – all long-distance. We’re tying the knot on January 8th, 2011, and a lot of my posts revolve around my very DIY wedding. My very large, Catholic, DIY wedding.
(I kinda like him)

You have no idea what’s coming.

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