Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back Post #17 - Pre-Cana, Session 2

Okay, I'll admit, it's been awhile. (blame 2 vacas and moving for that one!)

Anyways. Saturday, July 25th, we took our second (and final!) pre-cana class. Personally, I thought this one was a lot LESS interesting. And frankly, since it's been so long, I can't even remember much. I think it was mostly kind of boring, because most of our talks were about how we communicate - communication is my major. I thought I was going to shoot myself from boredom. Then, we talked about finances and donating to the church, which was kind of pointless seeing how Sean and I combined make like, negative money. That was about the sum of it - the whole 5 hours of it. I know this blog wasn't as in-depth as the last one on pre-cana, but frankly, this class bored me to death. BUT! The important thing is, we passed! And we got a nifty certificate to prove it:

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