Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The House. The Updates.

I've made no secret of the fact that our new house, as wonderful as it is, is a fixer upper. We knew that going in. We could have bought a house that was finished, but it would have been half the size. But, we're handy, and we love working on projects (please, slap me later), so we went for it. We love it. We love that we can make it ours and do everything we want to see. But we definitely have some projects.

Being the list maker I am, here's a detailed list, room by room, of what we're looking to do. It might take forever, but at least it gives us a jumping off point...right?

The Outside - Front Yard
- Change the mailbox
- New house numbers
- Paint the front steps
- Rearrange some of the flower beds (like the hostas in the full sun that are scorching to death!)

The Outside - Back Yard
- Fix the gate to the fence
- Build planter boxes for herbs along loose part of fence
- Replace the fence 
- Plant veggies in our garden
- Convert standard planter garden to a keyhole garden
- Relay back patio pavers
- Vent brick fireplace outside (it's unusable now, due to the covered porch)
- Weed plants like crazy!
- Replace the fence (maybe with a horizonal slat one?)

The Kitchen
- Paint walls
- Add a glass tile backsplace behind sink
- Add fruit baskets to wall
- Build a rolling cart for awkward stove space
- Create permanent breakfast bar

The Dining Room
- Paint walls
- Paint Trim
- Replace chandelier with something more linear/industrial 
- Replace dining room chairs
- Caulk windows
- Caulk molding

The Living Room 
- Paint Walls
- Paint Trim
- Paint Door
- Enhance built ins (paint or patterns in the back?)
- Paint fireplace
- Spice up the mantle
- Remove fireplace balloon for winter
- Build a drop zone/shoe disposal area
- Fix/Replace bannister for the stairs
- Caulk windows
- Cault Fireplace

Half Bathroom 
- Add a mirror above sink 
- Maybe a full reno down the line - including moving the toilet, demoing awful tile, and possible even adding a shower


Guest Quarters (the office space and spare bedroom on the first floor) 
- Remove wallpaper
- Replace carpet 
- Caulk window frames 
- New curtains

Upstairs Landing 
- Paint stairwell
- Paint landing walls
- Paint landing trim
- New knobs for built ins

Master Bedroom 
- Paint walls
- Add beadboard to bottom of room
- Create vanity for Amanda to get ready
- Create functional closet systems

- Paint
- New light fixture
- Curtains
- Furniture (crib, dresser, etc)
- Remove the mint green carpeting from the closet

Guest Bedroom
- Paint
- New curtains
- New light

Main Bath
- Convert bath only to shower/tub combo with a standing showerhead and curtain rod
- Tile (or do something) with bath built ins
- Add shelving above toilet
- Add medicine cabinet
- Move door (whether it be to swing out, or into barn door fashion)
- Replace window in bathroom (maybe with glass blocks that would fit the age of the home?)

Guest Bath
- Paint
- Remove shower insert and tile the shower up (the insert leaks, so the shower is unusable until we do this)
- Add shelving behind toilet

Basement Stairs
- Add railing

Basement (finished area)
- Add bar/entertainment area
- Add canned food overflow area
- Create office space for Sean
- Knock out salon bar area
- Paint wood paneling

Basement (laundry/unfinished area)
- Paint walls
- Paint floor
- Add screen to hide water heater/HVAC system 
- Add cabinet about washer/dryer
- Add a second fridge/deep freeze
- Organize storage
- Create folding area for laundry

Wow. That seems like there's so much!! 

The important part of this? It's almost all cosmetic. We can live with 95% of this list, just the way it is and fix things as needed. We love our house mostly because it's ours, and it gives us the opportunity to be what we want it to be. But keep a look out for changes!!

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