Thursday, October 31, 2013

29 Weeks.

How far along: 29 Weeks

Size of Baby: Butternut squash

Weight Gain: +22. I've officially over 20. Yikes. 

Symptoms: Tiredness set in again this week. I'd been going so strong, and then WHAM. 

Clothes: Maternity. But I've built up a pretty cute stash (aside from the pair of work pants I split...who the hell makes maternity pants with NO stretch?!)

Cravings/Aversions: None really. I have been super thirsty though. 

Movement: Still like crazy. Bee has settled into the front of my stomach too, which is nice because my hip doesn't hurt anymore!

Worries: I'm hoping we get all that we need at the baby shower this weekend. I've only bought a very select few things, because we really can't afford much. 

Milestones: Bee's concentrating on strengthening bones this week. ALL THE CALCIUM!!

Best moment of the week: This Sunday is my baby shower!! It's always where we'll announce - BOY OR GIRL?!?!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Previous Homeowners Didn't Have Google.

We bought an old house. We love our old house. It has character, history, and has held love that a new build can't possibly fathom. And yet, as comes with the term "old," our house has its...issues. Mostly, they're caused by the previous owner.

When we moved in, the house had never been introduced to the wonders of internet. The people before us had lived in the house for 33 years, and had obviously changed some things. We love the old, classic looks of our home, and are striving for a balance of modern and traditional.

In any case...we keep coming across oddities. Things that just make you go, "whhhhyyyyyy."

We've determined it's because they didn't know how to Google, and just kind of guessed at how to fix things.

Example A:

When we moved in, our entire house was painted peach. PEACH. I'm guessing someone told them or they read somewhere that neutral colors sell better. But peach? Seriously. Even the trim. Varying shades, of course. Here's a picture of one of our doors - dark peach bedroom door, light peach trim behind it. But you can tell that it used to be mint, and then cream (the white is there for comparison). We also have to replace the doorknobs because, you guessed it, they painted those peach too.

It's bad guys. Really bad. But it's just the start.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

28 Weeks.

How far along: 28 Weeks - third trimester! I feel like time is flying. 

Size of Baby: a cabbage

Weight Gain: 

Symptoms: I am definitely preggo. My belly knocked things off the table twice this week. And Bee is starting to kick me awake in the mornings! I've started nesting too. Caulking the whole upstairs hallway in one night? NBD. 

Clothes: Maternity. Which will be intersting at the Mizzou homecoming - I don't have any mat black and gold! :(

Cravings/Aversions: Cookie dough. OMG cookie dough. And peach tea. It's delicious!!

Movement: Like crazy. I've seen my stomach move a couple times, and the night kicks are much more obvious. 

Worries: Still worrying about the damn nursery. We just hit our savings goal for the amount we want tucked away when when I go on mat leave though (it's only 50% paid), so that's a huge relief on us. Plus, I went out at bought a bunch of toilet paper and such at Costco today - I'm not going to want to do that when it's much colder!

Milestones: Bee's brain has wrinkles now. And for those of you who don't know, the more wrinkles, the smarter the brain!

Best moment of the week: MIZ HOMECOMING!!!! GO TIGERS!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

27 Weeks.

How far along: 27 Weeks

Size of Baby: a cauliflower!

Weight Gain: +19

Symptoms: My feet have started swelling if I'm not careful. I was out and about all day on Saturday, and my feet were ridiculous when I got home. Guess compression socks are a must now! Also. Pregnancy brain. I feel like my mild ADD is going CRAZY. I can't focus on sentences that people say - it's driving me nuts!

Clothes: Maternity. We're going to see Wicked this weekend - hence the dress in the pic! 

Cravings/Aversions: Nada lately. Except water. I've been very thirsty!

Movement: Kicking up a storm in there. And every once in a while I get one to the bladder. Now THAT'S a weird feeling. 

Worries: Honestly? The nursery. Still have barely started. Oops. 

Milestones: Bee's immune system is improving. I feel like at this point, we're just "filling out". 

Best moment of the week: We got to tour our super swank hospital! Seriously. The place is nicer than some of the hotels we saw in Vegas. Also - wallpaper removal is nearly finished in Bee's room!!!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meal Stockpile.

One of the things I plan on doing before Bee arrives is stockpiling meals. Sean and I are both super lazy about cooking when tired...and well, I feel like the first few weeks (or years) are going to be exhausting. So I've been making lists of meals that are easily frozen and reheat well for the future. Some of them are mine, some of them are from online, some are crockpot, and some are oven baked. I can't make any of them now, as we don't have a deep freezer, but that's #1 on my Black Friday shopping list!!

In any case...I'm prepping my list as best I can now, in pretty much the same way I did my meal planning worksheet. I'm having to update my list a lot though - I'm test cooking all of these meals to make sure we like them before I make 3-4 meals of each one!

We're planning on trying to buy as much as possible from Aldi's and Costco. We may have to pick up a few things at the normal grocery store, but if I can stretch my money it will be wonderful. Plus, I'm going to start couponing ASAP (and maybe stocking up on some non-perishables when our food budget allows). Right now I have 30 things on my list, but some of them are things like cookie dough (a staple!), muffins, and bagels. There's 10 crockpot meals and 13 baked dinners. Frozen pizza will totally be on the list too, but I'd rather not survive on that. Well, I'd be okay with it, but Sean wouldn't.

I think it'll take a TON of planning and pre-cooking, but even so - to have all of that done? I think it'll be amazing. And Sean's totally on board with helping prep, and I miiiight be able to convince some friends to join in the cooking madness.

Am I crazy? Smart? Overly ambitious? All 3?!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

26 Weeks. Again, from last week.

How far along: 26 Weeks

Size of Baby: a hothouse cucumber. Again. No idea what that is. 

Weight Gain: +18

Symptoms: I hit unwieldy stage this week! I officially accidently knocked a fan off a table. Yikes. 

Clothes: Pretty much all maternity. I ordered some super cute clothes from Old Navy - and I'm a huge fan! 

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing in particular this week actually. It's a nice change. 

Movement: Kicking a little more each day. And Bee now kicks along to songs on the radio XD I can't help but giggle every time it happens. It just amazes me. 

Worries: Scheduling baby classes! I have a friend who's due in APRIL and is already going to classes. WHAT?! We're touring the hospital this weekend, and next weekend we're going to a diapering class at Itsy Bitsy Bums. We rally want to cloth diaper, and this has a class where we can try on dipes with dolls and such. We're hands on people, so it'll be perfect! Now to just find a birth class...

Milestones: Bee can see light and dark, and hear outside sounds. Definitely proven. 

Best moment of the week: Baseball!!! Go Cardinals!!! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

25 Weeks.

So I apparently never posted this...even though it was written well into last week. 

How far along: 25 Weeks

Size of Baby: a rutabega? I've never even seen one in person!

Weight Gain: +17. I feel like I'm really close to hitting the "recommended" 20 lbs. And then I realize that I'm totally going to pass that. And honestly, it's okay with me. Until my doc says something about it, I'm just going with the flow!

Symptoms: I've still got an awkward back pain in my lower left hip. It's weird. And only on that side. Guess I really am going to have to bite the chiro bullet soon. Also. I got sausage feet for the first time this week. My compression socks were in the wash, so I went without them - came home to puffballs for feeet. Whoops!

Clothes: Mostly maternity at this point! Bee is definitely growing.

Cravings/Aversions: This week is totally cookie dough. Probably not the best for me. But delicious. Can't I crave celery or something?!

Movement: Kicking away! I still don't feel it constantly, but at least once or twice a day. Sean jumped awake in the middle of the night Thursday night (afraid we'd be late Friday), talked in a normal voice, and Bee went crazy! Guess it knows Daddy's voice ;)

Worries: Eh. We haven't made progress on anything, but I'm a little more relaxed about it. 

Milestones: They say Bee is growing hair...but judging from how bald I was as an infant, I'm skeptical.

Best moment of the week: Sean gets sworn into the bar on Friday!! We have to be up at 3 am, but I'm so excited for things!