Saturday, October 19, 2013

27 Weeks.

How far along: 27 Weeks

Size of Baby: a cauliflower!

Weight Gain: +19

Symptoms: My feet have started swelling if I'm not careful. I was out and about all day on Saturday, and my feet were ridiculous when I got home. Guess compression socks are a must now! Also. Pregnancy brain. I feel like my mild ADD is going CRAZY. I can't focus on sentences that people say - it's driving me nuts!

Clothes: Maternity. We're going to see Wicked this weekend - hence the dress in the pic! 

Cravings/Aversions: Nada lately. Except water. I've been very thirsty!

Movement: Kicking up a storm in there. And every once in a while I get one to the bladder. Now THAT'S a weird feeling. 

Worries: Honestly? The nursery. Still have barely started. Oops. 

Milestones: Bee's immune system is improving. I feel like at this point, we're just "filling out". 

Best moment of the week: We got to tour our super swank hospital! Seriously. The place is nicer than some of the hotels we saw in Vegas. Also - wallpaper removal is nearly finished in Bee's room!!!! 

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