Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Previous Homeowners Didn't Have Google.

We bought an old house. We love our old house. It has character, history, and has held love that a new build can't possibly fathom. And yet, as comes with the term "old," our house has its...issues. Mostly, they're caused by the previous owner.

When we moved in, the house had never been introduced to the wonders of internet. The people before us had lived in the house for 33 years, and had obviously changed some things. We love the old, classic looks of our home, and are striving for a balance of modern and traditional.

In any case...we keep coming across oddities. Things that just make you go, "whhhhyyyyyy."

We've determined it's because they didn't know how to Google, and just kind of guessed at how to fix things.

Example A:

When we moved in, our entire house was painted peach. PEACH. I'm guessing someone told them or they read somewhere that neutral colors sell better. But peach? Seriously. Even the trim. Varying shades, of course. Here's a picture of one of our doors - dark peach bedroom door, light peach trim behind it. But you can tell that it used to be mint, and then cream (the white is there for comparison). We also have to replace the doorknobs because, you guessed it, they painted those peach too.

It's bad guys. Really bad. But it's just the start.

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