Sunday, August 11, 2013


Yesterday, we took possession of our house. Our house! I'm so excited that we've finally purchased, closed, and taken possession on our very first home. The home where our baby (and probably more) will come home to. The home where we will spend the next few years, building our lives.

Our home.

There's a ton of work to be done. We painted the living room and demo-ed the staircase yesterday. Sean and his dad our rebuilding it today (after an $800 trip to Home Depot), along with rewiring the basement laundry room to support our new dryer.

We really want to move in the next week, so apologies if it gets a little quiet around here. We're spending all of our free time painting! And our new house is internet (ugh and 4G) free, so we're kind of at a loss for anything past text messages while we're there. Hopefully we pick it up quick!

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Caryn said...

I can totally relate! Don't forget lots of before and after pictures! :)