Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back Post #16 - Engagement Party and a Joint Account

We had our first (and unfortunately, probably only) engagement party on Saturday!

(The Invites)
Our families came together at Sean's house and everyone got along really well! Mama had a hay day with all the babies and getting to hold them all. The food all turned out delicious - Gram made a strawberry shortcake and a german chocolate cake - in addition to the Costo sheet cake Mama bought. Anyways, it was good times, and I was certainly exhausted by the end of it all.

A nice surprise, however, was the money we got at the end of the day. We didn't get much - we honestly weren't expecting any. We had told anyone who asked us that we didn't need anything. But we did get some money, so we started a joint checking account. It's the first thing Sean and I have actually *shared* together. It's exciting. It's our first thing together, which of course has me thinking about the future. In the next two years, I'll be graduating college, getting a job, moving in with Sean, getting married - the list just keeps growing! Hopefully we'll be able to continue adding money to this new account. While the goal is for it to help out with the wedding (it's already short $80, thanks to invite supplies), it'll also be a springboard for us next year when we combine finances and such (if they're anything extra - somehow I don't think there will be). 

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