Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back Post #13 - Reception Option #3

Trigg Banquet Center

-We like the layout. Huge dance floor, everyone can see, nice bar. The room is HUGE.
-Sound is fed through the whole room, not just the DJ table
-Food is provided by the same people who do the K of C Cottleville (who were ruled out due to price), but their food is one of the reasons we originally looked at them
-2 buffet lines, that AREN'T on the dance floor (maybe that's just a pet peeve of mine)
-Foyer entrance, as well as an overhang/carport area.
-Can recommend a DJ, but it isn't included and they couldn't give us a price
-Matching linens and napkins.
-The people were friendly. Almost as friendly as LSL Banquet, and definitely much friendlier than the Stegton.

-Cake is not included. Which tacks on about $500 to our price
-No open flame. We'd have to completely rework our centerpieces (and no, I do not want flowers)
-The guy seemed very iffy about having a lot of little kids at the reception (though he did offer a discount for them). Tough shit for him though!
-Location. It sits in the back of a slightly shady shopping complex. Not exactly the nicest area (though the hall itself is nice) and not exactly the easiest to find.

I think this might be our hall. We both love it for the most part, and it's got the feel we wanted. It's nice and everyone is entirely included. There's a LOT of space to move around in (as in, I will have no problem getting through the tables with my dress if it's ginormous). I guess we saved the best for last. It's on the low end of our budget too, so I have no problem adding a couple of extra amenities if need be. We'll have to have them send a packet and such so we can look at all that.

I'm so excited that this might actually almost be a check off our list!!

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