Friday, June 19, 2009

Back Post #13 - Reception Option #2

The Stegton Regency

I liked this one a LOT better than Lake St. Louis. Anyways, Pros and Cons.

-Main ballroom - not a hallway like area
-Matching linens and napkins
-Includes cake. This time it's Cakes by Georgia.
-DJ is $500
-Foyer entrance-way, complete with gas fireplace - Can you say grand entrance?
-Ability to put part of the head table on risers (I think this is a neat idea)
-Offer chair covers ($3.80 a piece) - make the room really come together, if it's in the budget

-The bar is on the dance floor. The dance floor is HUGE, but the bar is just a table hanging out on it
-Only one buffet line
-10 people per table - this is both a pro and a con. It makes the tables a little cramped, but few centerpieces for me
-The room, overall, felt small. The tables felt really close together, but that could have been because it wasn't entirely done up...

I like the Stegton a lot more than Lake St. Louis. We're still going to look at a few more places (suggested by the wonderful ladies on, such as Trigg Banquets and maybe even The Christy (need to check on pricing on that one).

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