Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back Post #10 - Reception Option 1

Lake St. Louis Banquet Center

It wasn't bad. Really it wasn't. In fact, it's still an option. If I were having a 150 person wedding (which still is a possibility), I would have signed right there. Anyways.

-Family Owned. I felt like they would let us do ANYTHING to make it our day. I mean, the wife was cooking dinner for the reception that night while we were there - it smelled wonderful!
-Had our colors in linens. This is actually surprisingly important.
-Had THREE serving lines for food. Seriously. 300 people through a buffet in less than 20 minutes? That's pretty nice. I don't want my last guests getting cold food.
-Include cake. Not Susie G's, but hey, cake is cake.
-DJ package = $450. WOW what a deal.
-Two sets of bathrooms. Within 10 feet of the hall entrance. You know how much it sucks to have to walk 10 minutes to pee?
-Cash premium bar. Everyone can drink as much "house brand" liquor that they want, but if they'd like the good stuff, they're welcome to buy up.

-Hall is one long room - some of our guests would be REALLY far away from the head table.
-Dance floor is in the middle of the room. Literally. Like, the head table and half the guests would be on one side of the dance floor, and 1/2 the guests on the other side. I think I would feel like I'm telling the other guests that they smell or something.
-I'm not sure how to punctuate this one, but the husband of the family is the one who gave us the tour. Every time he talked about something THEY did, he also talked about other venues and what they did wrong.
-Parking lot. The lot is on a hill, and it slopes. A lot. If it happens to be icy on our January wedding day, that could be BAD news.

Overall, there are more pros than cons. However, the cons seem to be BIG for me. We still have to go see the Stegton, so we'll see how that goes. *crosses fingers* The LSL Banquet Center is not out of the running, but it wasn't "omg-this-is-it" either. It was a neat, but slightly ho-hum experience. We shall see.

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