Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back Post #9 - Colors

So I keep saying our color is dark green. But, to say dark green gets kind of boring, right? Most definitely. So we've (okay, I'll admit, I've kinda taken control over this one - but Sean has approved it all!) come up with our "palette". Four beautiful colors, that look really good together. First, there's the green. "Holly Green" to be exact. Next, we have black. It's our main accent color, and it adds a very classy touch I think. Then there's silver. Of course, I can't make the picture shiny, but you get the idea. All of our stationary is ivory. The darker colors really "pop" on the light paper too. Our colors are really dark, but the idea is to get a "classy winter" feel.
So here it goes:
You like?

The bridesmaids will be in the green, with maybe? black accents. Definitely black shoes. I plan on getting all the bridesmaids a necklace that goes with the colors too. I'd get earrings but SOMEONE (coughjaymecough) doesn't have pierced ears. So necklaces it is...and maybe matching bracelets or some other surprise *grin*
I love the colors.

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