Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back Post #11 - Archdiocese Annoyance and Twitter Love

I'm getting married in a Catholic Church. Which, consequently, means I need to take Pre-Cana, which are two wedding prep classes. Easy right? No so much. I keep looking on the Archdiocese website, and it says July dates will be posted Mid to Late May. It is June 10th. No dates. So yesterday I began following the Archdiocese on Twitter, and then angry tweeted them that they should post dates. A little childish, yes. But effective? Also yes. I got a direct apology no less than 2 hours later, and was told to e-mail someone directly about the problem. How I LOVE the effectiveness of Twitter! (Note: I would have email someone about the problem in the first place, but there was no contact on the archdiocese website)
Now, the class schedule wouldn't be THAT big of a deal, if July wasn't jam packed for me. Classes are only offered on the weekend, and it's usually an every other weekend deal (although, usually one weekend is reserved for a Sat and Sun smackdown of Godliness). On the 11th, we have our engagement party (though we haven't sent out invites yet, just in case this prep stuff gets in the way), The next weekend I'm hopefully going to San Antonio, and the next weekend (last weekend in July) I'm leaving for Florida. Oh, and the only other weekend is the 4th, which I highly doubt they'll do anything on! These classes are like, 5 hours a piece, so they tend to be an all day ordeal. Plus, they tend to be in random churches all over the archdiocese. That's over 300 churches, from Lincoln County to Perry County. So, we could be over 2 hours away for this thing.

Anyways. Hopefully I'll get an e-mail back sometime today from Ms. Rose, the lady whom Twitter directed me to.

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