Monday, April 20, 2009

Back Post #7 - First Meeting with the Priest

So, yesterday we met with Fr. Don for the first time. The meeting was great. We told him about ourselves - our families, childhoods, how we met, etc. We talked about how we knew we loved each other, and how we knew we wanted to marry each other. To know that you love someone and want to marry someone is one thing, but to explain that to someone else - it just really makes you realize how true it is. It was really nice to hear Sean's opinions about that makes me completely 100% confident in us, if I wasn't before. Strange how a simple question of "How do you know?" can make you feel.
We also took the FOCCUS test. It ended up being 156 questions (it would have been more if we were living together/being previously married/had kids). Actually, it wasn't questions, it was statements. With each statement we had to decide if we agreed, disagreed, or were unsure. We each took the test separately, in different rooms (kinda made me feel like a kid, being separated lol). They'll be "graded" and mailed to us later this week. We'll get a "compatibility" score, and it will tell us which ones we chose differently on. We'll discuss those in the next few weeks between ourselves, and then when we go meet with Fr. Don the second time, on May 10th, we'll discuss them with him. It wasn't too bad, though some of the questions were ridiculous.

We still haven't found out if we'll get our date. January is when All Saints takes their Belize mission trip, but this was the first year. Therefore, Fr. Don doesn't know if they'll be going each year, or if he'll be going each year. He said he'd make the decision by our next meeting, but it's still kind of frustrating. Plus, the more I look at wedding stuff, the more I fall in love with the idea of a winter wedding.

Oh. Fr. Don and I spent like 10 minutes comparing iPhone/iPod touch applications. It was hilarious. And he friended me on Facebook. Great!

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