Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Three weeks after I turned 16, I wrecked my car. That earned me the nickname of "Crash" in my family. Friday, my brother totaled his car, and has now assumed the nickname.

It was 9:00 pm on Friday night. He had two people in the car with him, but one of them had a headache so there wasn't any talking or music. They hadn't been drinking or doing any drugs (my brother doesn't at all - and the tox screens all proved that). He just...didn't see the car. He hit a car at a red light going 40 miles per hour. He has no recollection of the 10-20 seconds before the crash. Apparently the kids in the car were yelling at him, but he didn't hear it. Thankfully, no one was severely injured (though the airbag burns make it look like someone tried to slash his throat). The other driver was even able to drive their car away.

Needless to say, my brother is undergoing some testing. Right now, they think he might have epilepsy, with absence seizures (you space out, and basically lose consciousness). He had an EKG on Saturday, and gets to review the results with a cardiologist today. He has an appointment with a neurologist on Wednesday. It's crazy. Other possibilities that he'll have tests for are diabetes and ADD or ADHD, both of which can cause loss of consciousness in severe forms. Thankfully, all of these are easily treated, it's just a matter of what (if any) he has. They're working really hard to find a solution to the situation.

It also makes me really thankful for my "new brother." J has been living with us since April (his parents kicked him out, and he had been living from couch to couch - my parents took him in with the stipulation that he finishes high school). Since he's a good friend of my brother, he's been able to tell us a lot more about how much he spaces out and when. It's been a real help to the doctors, and J has been going to as many of my bro's appointments as possible.

It's a crazy situation. Hopefully they find out what's going on soon, and work on solution.

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Lynsie said...

My thoughts are with your family and your brother. Thank goodness everyone was okay in the accident. Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong!!