Friday, December 3, 2010

The Final Reveal - Invitations!

 This is a super pic-heavy post, but I can't help but brag about my invitations! These babies took forever to assemble, and they're a huge work of love (and sweat and frustration). I'm so relieved that they're finally out - but I love hearing about how people love them. :)

They're totally worth everything. In the end, they still only cost 61 cents to mail, so I spent less than $3 on each of them - which was my goal. The actual total was $2.68 a piece - and that includes the ridiculous amount of adhesives I ended up purchasing. It doesn't include the stamps (I already had them), or the liners (left over Costco wrapping paper!). So, ready for the reveal? Here it goes!!

 When the envelope is opened, here's what our guests first see
 Here's the pocketfold closed and ready to be opened
And here's the pocketfold opened!

The main panel of the invitation

Our RSVP postcard
The map and directions card - I made the map myself (on Power Point believe it not!)

And all of the inserts together
I love the way they turned out! It kind of makes me sad that I still haven't found my camera cord (and therefore still have crappy cell phone pics). At least I have an awesome phone, right? So there you have it folks. The great invitations of the Seanmanda wedding.

It just means that it's that much closer - and the official countdown? 36 days!!


lenielsen said...

Success! You called it the Seanmanda wedding!

Also, your invites are AMAZING!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Now the fun part comes...getting all the RSVP cards! Whenever I RSVP, I always try to write something so the bride has something to read! Enjoy!