Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Olympics!

First of all, I'm incredibly ticked off at NBC's Olympic coverage. As in, can we elect a different news channel to cover Rio? I'd rather watch anything other than NBC.

1. They cut the opening ceremony. Because the "program is tailored for the U.S. television audience", clearly we wouldn't appreciate a tribute to the London bombings. Clearly we would rather see an overplayed Michael Phelps with the hasbeen of Ryan Seacrest. Thanks for making THAT choice for us NBC. I think the choreographer has it absolutely correct when he says "It brings to mind the question ... that maybe it's too truthful."

2. The NBC commentators talked over the ENTIRE opening ceremony. There were parts that we missed (either because of talking or just plain editing it out), parts we couldn't hear, and dumb comments that most people could care less about.

3. Why can we not see anything live? Nothing. Unless we have cable of course. But really? NOTHING?

4. NBC isn't playing coverage of less popular sports. So fencing, judo, and archery? Nope, no exposure. They'd rather broadcast the entirety of a 5 hour bike race than cut to anything else.


Among the positives though? I loved what I saw of the opening ceremony. I think Britain knew they couldn't compete with the sheer mass of China's, so they went a completely different route. I know they made the right choice. It told a history in a very creative way. I wasn't a big fan of the MTVish section, but I LOVED that they included the creator of the WWW. Sure, the torch lighting wasn't "creative", but it was meaningful with a perfect impact. To be honest, I thought the entire ceremony was very...London. Understated. Meaningful. Poised.

Now, let's go Team USA!

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