Thursday, October 11, 2012

70 years young

Last weekend, I took an impromptu trip to Pekin, IL.

It's where my maternal grandma's family is from (my mom's mom) is from, including my great great aunt Marge. Aunt Marge is 89, has been a smoker since she was 18, and is still going strong (well, as strong as an almost 90 year old woman can be) - and so is her husband. Of SEVENTY YEARS.

I feel like most people don't even live to be 70, let alone be married for that long. It's amazing. They had a small little family, and my Uncle Jim worked at CAT until the 80s. It's amazing. They still live on their own, and (frightening enough) drive themselves wherever they need to go. Which, admittedly, is really just the senior center for card games and the grocery store.

Aunt Marge remembered me perfectly - but Uncle Jim only remembered me by my nickname (Miss Jones lol). It's crazy that these folks have outlived my grandparents, who were a generation below them. I also was able to see many of my cousins whom I haven't seen in YEARS - I was probably 14 the last time. I didn't get nearly enough photos, but I did snag one of my aunt and uncle - and one of a picture of their wedding photo (they got married right before Jim got deployed, so no wedding getups for them!)

Then: 1942 
Now: 2012

Congrats to the happy, spunky couple!!

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