Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Backpost #3 - The Knot

I am in love with It's perhaps the most useful website I've seen so far, simply for the planning tools. I put all of my "guests" into it. I can A list or B list them (if the list gets too long, I can simply knock off the B listers), I can track their RSVPs, I can put down how many are with each family (and THEN it gives me the number of invites needed), and I can even keep addresses there. It's SO useful. Plus, we put in our budget amount, and it divides the money up proportionally (though we CAN change the proportions). We can keep track of how much we spend, and important dates and stuff, and because it's online, I can access it practically anywhere.
Organization has become my best friend... but that's good, right? I hope so. 

A big thing we're trying to decide on is necessary things. We don't need a videographer, and because our food and alcohol is included with the hall, we don't need to "budget" for them, but we do need to up the venue budget. There are still some things that we're not on the same page about though. Like programs. Sean doesn't see the point of programs, but I think it's necessary for the church. A lot of our friends aren't Catholic (and some have never even been to a Catholic ceremony). I don't want this to be overly awkward for them, so I think a program would help. I'd put all the songs and readings in it so people could follow along - if we print them ourselves, it won't cost much either. We'll see how that works out at least. I've got so much time, and yet no time at all. *scowls*

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