Sunday, February 8, 2009


Fr. Don has realized we exist. This is step 1 to getting a meeting. Apparently, the problem was we were using phone to get in touch with him, and phone is just way too outdated. Fr. Don has to have emails. Oi. So we fired him off an email, and lo and behold, we get one back. Asking if Wed, Feb. 18th would be a good night to meet. Erm. Sure! Except I live 100 miles away...I just emailed him back explaining the situation, and we'll see what response I get. I'm sure we'll bump into him at church today.
Of course, this leads us to another issue. Baptismal Certificates. Basically, proof that we were baptized in the Church. That's all fine and dandy (and expected). Except it means that I have to get my butt over St. Cletus sometime between 8 and 5, Mon through Fri. Which isn't going to happen. And since I'm 18, my parents can't get it for me (I don't think). I'm gonna have to give THAT church a call now, and see what can be done. Who knows, maybe I'll be skipping a few classes. Sean has to do the same thing, except he has the time seeing as he lives in town. He needs to go over to Sts. Joachim and Ann though. Still a hassle. But, such is the Catholic life lol. The annoying thing is, I've given All Saints MANY Baptismal Certs. Like, when I got my first communion, when I was confirmed, when I started school there, etc. Why they can't use the same one, I have no idea. But they can't - so I have several hassles.

But, thankfully, we've been noticed, so hopefully the ball will start rolling. *crosses her fingers*

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