Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back Post #5 - The Vices of Time

So, I'm obsessed with DIY and craftiness in general. Now, one might think, "oh I wish I was creative!" or "Oh but things are so much cheaper that way," and such, and in a sense, you would be right. But at the same time, you would be forgetting one crucial detail: time. And as I say this, you're of course now thinking "but she's not getting married for TWO YEARS, she has all the time in the WORLD!" And again you would be right. However, I've discovered that time is both my savior and my friend in this wedding planning business.
Time is wonderful, because I'm having a huge wedding and I live an hour away from where it is taking place. And because money is kinda tight, time gives us (both sean and I and our families) that extra time to scrape up the funds. Plus, with me being uber crafty, I have the time to do things I want. 

But then again, time isn't so good. I don't mind the waiting part at all, that's not it. It's the budgeting our time. I simply cannot make the invitations or centerpieces two years in advance. That's ridiculous. In two years, my ideas might change, trends might change, our colors might change - hell, anything could happen! Plus, I don't have anywhere to store all of the stuff that I want to create.

I feel like I'm in a Catch-22. If I don't start doing stuff now, I'll be rushed in a year. If I do start doing things now, I'm jumping the gun. I'm not sure which option is best. Not even a little bit, not even at all. 

So what prompts this? 
The fact that I ran into incredibly simple DIY invitation directions. Now, I have been (and truthfully, still am) perfectly okay with print your own, yet pre-made invitations. They're fairly cheap, and incredibly easy. But, so are these that I found. I can make them my own in every way too. ARGH. The thing is, DIY invitations take time. A lot of time. I would have to decide by the end of the summer (at least) if I was going to make them or not. And then throw my heart and soul into them. I know, invitations are only sent out about 3 months before the wedding, but in the year before the wedding, we'll be graduating, moving, Sean will be starting law school, I'll be starting a career - we'll be busy. That last year is going to FLY by. Plus, I'm going to have about 120 invitations (yea 300 person guest list!)

Right now, I'm focusing on engagement pictures, save-the-dates, and the church classes. That's all I'm allowed to worry about for this semester at least. Because I have to survive school while doing (or forcing myself to NOT do) all of this.

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