Monday, December 7, 2009


The time has come. The semester is ending (I'm 12 days away from graduating). Everyone around me is excitedly talking about the classes their taking next semester, or jobs they have lined up, or where they're going to live. And me? I'm just kinda hanging in there. It's making me really nervous again. I go thorugh waves - sometimes I'm excited, but other times, like now, I start freaking out. Not only do I not have a steady job lined up, I don't know what I'm doing about insurance, where I'm going to live (not just apartment-wise, but state-wise in general), or anything. I mean, I know that I'm still going to be here in CoMo for at least another four months. But after that, I just don't know.

Here's a good idea of where we'll be next semester:

Real helpful, isn't it?

I'm a planner. I need to plan. I live to plan. When I can't plan...I feel helpless. So what's my plan for after this semester (no particular order)?
1. Find Insurance. I refuse to live without insurance. Absolutely refuse. And my insurance with my mom ends (as far as preventative care) on December 19th, and ends on for emergency care on December 31st. Because I have no job lined up, I'm looking into private plans. Any suggestions?
2. Figure out what we have. I have no idea what Sean and I have as a couple. I know, for sure, we have a bed. We have pots and pans and plates, but I'm not how many or what of each. Plus, we're talking about possibly ditching some of our furniture to make it easier to move, but, because we don't know what we have, we're at a loss right now. This stuff will be cataloged.
3. Wedding stuff. My dress is supposed to come in on January 8th, so I need to get that. Plus, we need to finalize hall stuff, and start working on things like the photographer, baker, and florist. Actually, we need to finalize this stuff. Which is going to be a chore unto itself, because I have to convince these vendors to finalize stuff 9 months out from the wedding. Oi.
4. Find another job. I'm hoping to pick up a second job at some point here in Columbia. I don't want a career job, because I don't intend to stick around very long. However, I need to make some more money. I'll probably look into working retail or something. I need a people-skill building job on my resume.
5. Pay off credit cards and save money. I've fallen into a slight trap this semester. With the added bill of my car payment, I've been paying off my credit card less. Consequently, it's racked up a fairly high balance. I have the money to pay it off, but at the same time, I want to keep that money in my checkings/savings accounts, because I can't pay my car payment or rent with a credit card. I'm hoping to get a fair amount of cash for graduation, but I want to buy a new computer while I still have my student discount too. This is also REALLY affected by the second job thing. 

Finally, I'm going to have to start living my life as a we. It sounds like an easy concept, but in reality, it's a complicated thing to adjust to. Our bank accounts will be combined, our "stuff" will be combined, our bills will be combined - it's a big thing to wrap my head around. But I'm getting there.

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