Friday, December 4, 2009

Life Changing Events. Moni Got MARRIED!!!!

Last Saturday, one of my .best. friends got married.

Moni and I met in 4th grade, when she moved to Missouri and started at All Saints. We went to school together through high school, and were in youth group together. We were part of one of those "groups" - the ones that share SO much, and are so close. I've given her shit for years for not going to Mizzou ;) We've had times - both good and bad. We've laughed in Mexico, I toted her backpack and flour baby when she broke her hip, she called me at 12:30 in the morning when Patty died, and I was the first person she told she was pregnant with Omar. We've cried together. We've laughed together.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stand up with her on her wedding day. Yes, I was a "back-up bridesmaid," but Moni has had a rough year, and I was happy to help her out - on any terms. It didn't bother me that I wasn't an original, and it doesn't bother me now. Her wedding was gorgeous.
Blessing of the Marriage

Blessing of the Family
The Bridal Party

At the end of the day, they are!

Moni is the first of my close friends to get married. Sure, Jeff and Mack have gotten married, and Kevin and Kelsey, and Caryn and Artene, but they weren't my close friends (at least not growing up). This, one of us getting married, it's a shock to me. Even though I've been planning my own wedding for nearly a year, someone else getting married that's on the same level as me, really means it's happening. We're growing up, and I WILL be getting married (in 400 days!).

And here's to Moni and Miguel, and the new Lopez family...Congratulations!!

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