Monday, November 30, 2009

The Wedding Ring.

Saturday, Sean received a phone call. The phone call we've all been waiting for: my ring was ready.

We started our ring search quite a while ago, but we finally settled on a jeweler in the town over from us. We first went to him the first weekend of October, which I described here. We did end up going back, when Randy showed up the final design, but as I didn't have a picture or anything, I never posted about it. I supposed I figured it would be more interesting when we actually had the final product in hand.

Saturday, Sean got the phone call. And Sunday, we went to go get it. My jaw hit the floor when I saw it.

I swear, the jeweler put MiracleGro on my ring. The diamonds are HUGE. Grandma's ring wasn't in very good shape, and the gold was a strange color. It was almost an off-white, which made it look dirty. I think this altered my view of the diamonds. The new ring is a much cleaner gold, much more of a pure white gold color. Of course, it turns out the center stone is also .61 carats, rather than the .52 we were originally told. My head is spinning with all of this. It's beautiful. It's shiny. It's interesting though, how different, and yet alike it is from my engagement ring. Both of them are dainty, but the new ring does not have colored stones. After all, my engagement ring has color, because we knew from the beginning that it would not be my wedding ring. All in all, I think the ring actually came out better than my inspiration picture. Randy's jewelry has top marks in my book.

After Christmas, we're going to get it appraised, and then insured. Until then, Sean has it. Hopefully, it'll get put into a safe or safe deposit box at the bank. After all, I won't be wearing it until the wedding. We still need to get a wedding band made for it too, but we're doing this all in steps. All in all, we stayed below our $1,000 budget. I think the final cost came in just under $900. I almost don't want to know how much it's worth. But I'm also very curious. We'll see.

Let's start with the image of the original ring:

And THIS was my inspiration photo for the new ring:

And the final product? *drumroll please*


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Bridget Rossi said...

I guess the final product is more beautiful than you expected it to be! It does look a lot better than your inspirational photo. It’s not the typical wedding ring. It actually looks like the kind of ring any bride would want to have on their fingers. It shines so bright!