Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eye on the Prize.

This morning (oh wait, it's already afternoon), I'm sitting on my couch enjoying my coffee, and watching 30 Rock on Netflix with my husband.

My couch from college. My couch that was bought for $30 from our youth group garage sale at my parents' church. The couch that had been in the old convent for who knows how long - and has had generations of yg kids, quilting ladies, and other various church groups sit on it. It's had a great life. But it's also been a long one. This couch is easily from the 70s, if not before. It's bright blue. The stuffing is falling out, and now that it no longer sits against a wall, the back is bowed.

It's kind of frightening to sit in.

And so we're looking at a new couch. It really makes me sad, cause I looove my blue couch. I want to keep it. I'm gonna try my hardest to keep it in the office (so that one day it can make it into a basement). As much as I love it though, one thing is for certain - it is no longer fit to be our primary, living room, company-seeing couch. It is nearing retirement.

But being the poor college grads that we are, we don't really have the money. Scratch that actually. We have the money in a saving account, but we're saving that in case something comes up (like Sean's loan situation. Ugh.). However, I'm on the job hunt. If I can get something that covers our bills, we'll be buying a new couch the day I sign that contract! lol.

Anyway. Now that we live in KC, we're privy to one of the most awesome furniture stores ever - Nebraska Furniture Mart. Our friends Beth and Dan get major discounts there (maybe cause they bought nearly their entire house from there :p), and offered to let us use one if we choose - and getting a credit card there would knock the price further. We're considering a sectional, but we'd be okay with a regular couch too - it depends on what we end up liking best I suppose. So what are we leaning towards?

In sectional world, we like this:

This sectional is a little pricey at $669, but we love the look of leather on bottom and microfiber on top. It's classy AND comfy, in our opinions. It's what we'll be looking for in most of our options. A lot of people don't like the separate pillows from the back, but it's what we have now, and we really enjoy it. It's a couch that can be instantly widened for afternoon naps by tossing a pillow over the back. And it's easily cleaned and changed up. Love all around.

On the less pricey, sofa side of the spectrum, we have options like this:
This sofa is only $349, and much more affordable. And essentially the mini me of the above sectional.

There's also this baby

And contrary to the picture above, it's actually more of a light tan, cream colored couch. Here's a photo of the entire set, which clearly would never fit into our tiny living room. This one's $389. 

Of course, there are plenty of options other than NFM, so it's possible we'll be looking elsewhere too. But we have a great idea of what we want. Provided of course, that I get a new job. 

::sigh:: Oh contingencies. 

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