Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bits and Pieces.

Another school year is starting. You know what this rolls us into? Sean's third and LAST year of law school. This time next year, I'll be married to a lawyer. We'll be done with school (well, he'll still have Continuing Education Classes and he might get his LLM - lawyer teaching degree - and if I get bored I might go for my MBA). It's crazy to think about.

Sean's working at a MedMal (medical malpractice) law firm. He's really not a fan, but it's a foot in the door, a paying gig, and something to put on his resume. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? He's also starting up an IP Clinic at the law school. The clinic division is for people that can't pay for things (like taxes and and child custody cases), and has never had an IP version before. It'll be for entrepreneurs and start up businesses, so they can make sure they're not violating copyright laws and putting themselves in the ground before they're even alive. It's great to show that he's pioneering this new clinic, and he'll be working with area lawyers too. Connections!

I've paid off my car this month! It's an extra $335 in our pockets, which is being split between paying my school loans off and savings for a house.

Speaking of a not yet. We're waiting until Sean gets a permanent job. It's really frustrating because there are a bunch of houses in the area we like for less than $200k, but we just have to be patient. Our CD with our wedding money matured this month and just went into a savings account instead of being renewed. This is driving me crazy - there's so much more money than I'm used to, just hanging out! Argh! Must not touch it!

We're also going to have to start saving for Sean's bar. It's going to cost us rought $5k for Sean to graduate. Seriously? Between bar prep classes ($1-3k) and the bar itself (which is a thousand dollar test), it's going to cost him that much after school. I think it's a cheap shot, but he can't practice without it, so the charges are sky high.

There's not much else going on, other than weddings galore. Makes me miss planning my own!

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