Friday, September 7, 2012


We paid off my car!! Whooo! What are we going to DO with that extra $330 a month?! Oh right. We're gonna put it to work. We'll be adding $150 of that to my student loans, and start tackling them. The rest will be stashed into the house fund. Now that Sean's in his last year, we really need to kick it into gear with the savings.

Speaking of savings...has anyone ever used an INGDirect saving account? It's an online savings account, but it means a higher interest rate and a separate area to save. I HATE the hassle of opening accounts with our traditional bank, plus I feel like seeing all of the money on one site makes me think we have more than we have (which is NOT good in the money department!). I just don't know anyone who's ever used one. :\

Sean and I are starting a super makeover. Sort of. Basically, we're competing with each other Biggest Loser style (first weigh in is Monday!). It means more salads (only spinach please), veggies, and fruit. It also means our grocery bills are a tad more expensive, which sucks. But it means healthier us - which is huge. Being healthier will definitely help with my asthma, fitting into my shirts, and being able to play with Bowser more. Plus, we want to start trying for kids in the next year - and I want to be healthy for that too. The winner gets a new Mizzou jersey at Homecoming, but I'm kinda hoping for an exact tie. I'm using MyFitnessPal to help track everything (and super fell off the wagon today - oops) - my username is AFbacher if you want to join up!

Speaking of Bowser...we're thinking about training him to be a therapy dog. We already wanted him to take (and pass) the Good Citizen test, which is the first step for therapy dogs. Plus, he has to be 3 years old (so the puppy is grown out of him and he's much calmer) for us to sign up. We're thinking more along the lines of a Reading Therapy dog - we'd go to schools, and he'd let kids read to him. It's a great program - Bowser can't judge or correct kids that are struggling with their reading, and they get to spend time with a dog too.

I'm getting really anxious to settle down. It frustrates me to no end that I feel like I can't take a promotion because I don't know where we'll be in a year. I hope it's KC - I love my coworkers, I love the feel of this city, and I love that Google Fiber is coming here. I love our friends, and all the opportunities here.

That's about it for now - maybe I'll start posting more often? Heh. Don't count on it. :D

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