Thursday, September 13, 2012


So I've had a cough for 2+ months. It's awful. It's worse at night - I have to use my inhaler and/or take Nyquil every single night to sleep. I wake up coughing and sputtering, and Sean isn't sleeping well because he's afraid I'll stop breathing in the middle of the night. I'm terrified of an asthma attack that puts me in the hospital (or worse). Should I remind everyone that 4 years ago my dad had to be revived from an asthma attack? Yeah. Kinda scary.

I went to the doctor today (who by the way, I love). I've always had seasonal allergies - which created asthma. I'd have an asthma attack once or twice a year, use my rescue inhaler, and that'd be it. Well, not anymore. I'm officially an asthmatic. I have a month of steroids for my lungs, and hopefully I'll be back to my more normal self. We'll see.

But even worse? I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.


Yeah. It threw my doc for a loop too. I'm young, I'm fairly healthy, and I'm only slightly overweight. According to her, there's no reason I should naturally have high blood pressure. Sooo we're fighting it. I'm currently taking high blood pressure meds. It could just be that this asthma is affecting my body so much that it's raising my blood pressure. Or it could be something more. Luckily Sean and I are already on a diet makeover, so we're 1 step into the process. One thing for sure? I have to go back in 2-3 weeks, and there will be an ass-kicking of lab work. My mom has already had blood clots at 45, and her mom died from her heart stopping. Terrifying!!!

Hopefully I can really kick up the being healthy. Hopefully I can beat this.

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