Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Day in the Life - Thursday, May 2nd.

I love this type of blog. I basically made a note of everything I did at every hour of the day. It's crazy to see how much you actually do in a day, especially in an hour.

4:00 am
My alarm just starting going off. I hit snooze twice, and finally drag myself out of bed at 4:20 am. I have the 24/7 phone this week at work, and was called twice overnight, so I'm extremely tired this morning!!

5:00 am
Off for work! I have a 25 minute drive in the mornings, so I've got to get out the door. Coffee, water bottle, and lunch in hand!
6:00 am
Finishing my morning round on the lot. Working in the trucking industry means I have to write down every.single.truck on my 2 acre lot - every morning. But, I do get to see this gorgeous sunrise each day!
 7:00 am
It's proving to be a good day! I'm tired (even with my coffee), but thankfully it's slow this morning and gorgeous outside. Doors are open and a nice breeze is flowing!

8:00 am
Seriously. I've only seen one customer. This day might take forever. Off to get more coffee (I rarely get seconds, but I need it today!)
9:00 am
The day is finally picking up! I have a few super grumpy customers throughout the day - but you can't get me down when it's in the 70s!

10:00 am
I couldn't last until lunch without a snack this morning, so I stole a granola bar from my service manager. Well, his drawer is free for all, so it's not really stealing. Also, I got a fabulous request from a customer for a specialty 53' trailer. So I spent the hour climbing in and out of trailers to see if the specs were right. Did I mention they're 4 feet off the ground with only 1 step? Talk about my workout for the day! (I also get to ride my golf cart!)
                                 (the inside of a 53' trailer)
11:00 am
It's technically lunch time, but shit has hit the fan in the office. Guess I'll be eating a little later!

12:00 pm
Finally got my lunch! I didn't pack a very good lunch this morning, thanks to all my snoozing. But I did manage to get into an argument involving biases in the media. Oops.

1:00 pm
I'm researching to prove my argument point. I hate that I can't let it go, but seeing as it was my thesis, that's just me. I'm still working though!

2:00 pm
Time to leave! Getting to work at 5:30 am definitely has its advantages. (I lied, I didn't get out until 2:45 pm - I have to walk past everyone's office on my way out, and therefore get stuck in a million discussions).

3:00 pm
Still on my drive home. Nothing interesting? It takes almost 45 minutes, because I need gas.
 4:00 pm
Snack time! I'm always starving after work. I'm eating a granola bar and some triscuits with left over tuna salad. And by some triscuits, I mean half the bag. I have no self control.

5:00 pm
Nap time. I'd have to go to sleep at 8 pm in order to get 8 hours of sleep and that clearly doesn't happen. So I catch up mid afternoon. I can usually grab anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours in the afternoon, which makes me human the rest of the day. I stole 45 minutes today, which is enough!

6:00 pm
I was totally planning on long boys for dinner, but we got texted to go play frisbee later. Sooo plans switched to stir fry. Plus, it was a great way to use up the way too spicy chicken Sean made last week, and the quinoa that has too many spices for us.
 7:00 pm
Our friends opted for BBQ first. We've already eaten, but we're cool with just hanging out while they eat.

8:00 pm
Finally tossing the frisbee around. Eventually we're all tired from the frisbee, so we break out the bocce ball set until we can't see anymore.
 9:00 pm
All of that exercise totally calls for some ice cream. We're at Sheridan's, and it's amazingly delicious. Except we were there while the cold front blew through. We stood outside for 30 minutes, and it dropped 15 degrees! Damn!
10:00 pm
Bedtime. Like I said, I have the 24/7 phone this week, so I make sure to get my little area set up. I have a list of trucks (whose keys are in a lock box that's easily accessible), a pen, and my phone on the charger. When I'm half conscious, I need things as easy as possible.

10:25 pm
I literally just fell asleep, and my phone rings. Work. Luckily it's just my shop to update a few units on my list.

1:00 am
Work calls! Thankfully it's a quick 5 minute call, but I still have to get out of bed. Once that's taken care of, I head back to sleep. Peacefully. Until my 4 am alarm goes off. 

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