Monday, May 20, 2013


This weekend, Sean graduated for the last time. He officially has his Juris Doctorate!

My husband is now a law school graduate. After being in school for 20 years, he's finally done (mostly). We started this law school adventure 3 years ago. We had no money, no jobs, and moved out to KC on a whim (ok, we had about $3k in the bank to save our butts). I found a job, he started school. I found a better job. He got a part job as a law clerk. And now? It's over.

It's kind of sad that a lot of our really good friends will be moving away. But for the most part, everyone is sticking around for bar prep (and that would be where the "mostly" done comes in). In any case, I'm so glad to be done with $1k of books every semester!

Sean's whole family came down for the celebration, and it was great to have them here!! And now the best part - photo dump!

 (Sean being hooded)
 (Receiving his diploma!)
 (Look at my handsome grad!)
(The program, and mama tearing up)
 (Sean's family)
 (Proud wife is proud!!)
 (the boys - Tebowing)
 (the gang - Sam, Eric, Bob, Cory, Eric, Sean, and Kevin)

I'm so proud that he's done. I know his bar studying is going to be a tough 2 months ahead, but I know that he'll come out on top. In any case, I am married to an Esquire. Someone with a doctoral degree. You can't even go higher than that!!


Caryn said...

Hahaha! I love your closing line, "You can't even go higher than that!!" That's totally how I would feel. Congrats, Sean!

Amanda said...

Technically he could go back for a LLM, which is a Law Masters that would allow him to teach. He probably will when he's older. It strange though, because it's actually a lower degree, but done after the doctoral degree.