Friday, March 28, 2014


Life has been SO busy lately.

Sean and I are both back at work, which means Natalie is at daycare. I really like them - there's 2 other babies in her room, but they're like 7 months. Her teacher is super sweet and tells me everything little bit did during the day, which I love. I love being back at work - I feel like a normal human being again. I am not the stay at home mom type - I'm just not. I love my job, which definitely is part of it.

It's also really nice to have both our incomes again too.

Spring is slowly coming. Very slowly. We've been going to the park and being outside more. And maybe raking the leaves. From last fall. It's a bit of a home ownership fail.

Natalie is officially sleeping in her crib. Most nights. And if she doesn't, it's because we accidently fall asleep in our bed with her XD We tend to do "wind down and cuddle" time in our bedroom, and, well, sometimes we wind down too much. But she actually prefers her crib which is awesome!

We made a list this week of house project "to dos". It has everything from painting interior doors to redoing kitchen counters to new windows. We basially want to divide it all up based on time commitment and price. This way, we can save for the big things and conquer the little ones.

But that's it for now!

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