Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Day In the Life - 3/4/14

It's March 4th, 2014. I'm on my last week of maternity leave, andNatalie is 7 weeks old. 

2:30 - Natalie is waking up. This is her normal wake up time for her MOTN snack, so I go ahead and grab her before she screams bloody murder. I feed her, burp her, and play a few games of candy crush as she falls back asleep. 

5:54 - Natalie is crying. I wish she had given us 6 more minutes until the alarm! I actually love when she wakes at this time. Sean is usually snoozing his alarm, so he can feed and change her while I pump. 

6:30 - I'm done pumping and Sean needs to get ready. Lil Miss has a full belly, so I put her back to sleep and start to get ready. 

7:00 - Sean's out the door, and I'm pretty much dressed. It's the only way I'll be productive. Off to bottle milk and clean pump parts, while eating breakfast. This is the most steady nap of the day, so I have to use it well! 

8:00 - I bag milk every 2-3 days, so today yields 11 3 oz bags. I try to shoot for 12 oz a day to freeze, but I slacked on my water intake so my supply dipped. Gotta stop that! I take the time to double bag last weeks milk too. Then I sit down with my oatmeal (honey and brow. Sugar today) and some Belvita bars. They're meant for Sean, but he doesn't like the apple cinnamon ones. I keep "forgetting" and buying them anyway. 😛

9:30 - I've done a couple loads of laundry and vegged on the couch. I finally get off my butt and at least work on my tshirt quilt. 

11:00 am - Natalie is up from her morning nap. We eat, talk, change her diaper and clothes, and cuddle a bit. She calms down enough to go back to sleep. I lay her down, and go eat real quick and pump because I don't think she'll sleep for long. 

12:40 - and she's awake! She only slept for an hour, but it was long enough for me to eat. 😊 she fusses for an hour or so, and eats a bit more. Then finally passes out on the couch around 2:30. 

2:30 - I start putting together food for dinner. It's baked Mac n Cheese night....but I don't have any noodles so I text Sean to grab some. But I measure out spices and milk and such. 

3:30 - Natalie is up again. She's in a better mood, so I change her diaper and we talk a bit. 

5:00 pm - Sean's home! And didn't get my noodles. He gives us kisses and goes back out to the store. Natalie falls asleep less than 5 minutes later. 

5:20 - Sean's home again (this time with a candy bar). I pass off little bits and go pump before starting dinner. 

7:00 pm - dinner is finally ready. Crabby but has been whining for Sean, but she's usually fussy around this time. 

9:30 - Natalie was asleep, but a dumb Instagram video woke her up 😫 she's a quiet awake though, so Sean and I ignore the fact and sure enough, she falls right back asleep. Thank god. 

10:30 - lights out for us! I pump one last time tonight, and then fall into bed exhausted. Mostly mental though. Oi. 

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