Tuesday, February 25, 2014


On being flexible:

- We've stopped breastfeeding completely. Natalie is a 100% breastmilk fed baby. I'm an exclusively pumping mom. (Does this still make me a breastfeeding mom? I'm not sure.) After 3 visits with the hospital LC and 6 with our pediatrician's LC in the first 4 weeks, I've decided it's not for us. The screaming and stress that it was causing was far worse than anything. I have mixed emotions. On one hand, so many people on my FB are pro-EBF and make me feel so guilty for choosing this road. But on the other hand, I'm confident that we worked really hard to make it happen, and sometimes it just doesn't. And until those mamas encounter a situation like this, they're going to believe what they want to believe. I have to let it go.

- Before Natalie, we were completely against cosleeping. Until we were met with sleep deprivation. We still only cosleep once or twice a week, but sometimes it's necessary for sanity.

- Our roommate is moving out. It means a loss of income, but a gain of...something. I'm excited to have our house to ourselves and gain those two rooms, but it definitely means a tightening of purse strings. We've been able to loosen up because of the income, but not anymore. We'll work it out, but it's stressful.

- I'm excited to return to work, but not excited to leave my baby girl. I wish I could bundle her up and bring her to work with me. But ADULT INTERACTION! C'est la vie. I am, however, very excited to have Sean watch Natalie for his 2 weeks of bonding time. I'm glad he'll have the experience with her - and it'll ease me into going back.

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