Monday, February 3, 2014

Cloth Diapering - So far!

Every since little miss came home, we've been cloth diapering (okay, a few days after - we didn't want to deal with the nasty poop lol!).

Newborns are obviously tiny, and don't fit into traditional cloth diapers. Thankfully, we have an awesome cloth diaper shop 20 blocks north of us. We've done classes there where they literally walked us through everything cloth, which was super helpful (especially for Sean). But the best part? They do rentals. RENTALS. We've been able to rent cloth diapers in newborn size for 12 weeks - for $40.

It's awesome.

We've been able to jump right into cloth without having to worry about getting addicted to the simplicity of disposables. They're fitteds with covers, which means we're also used to the two step process - and to be honest, they're so easy. We wash them at home, which takes about 3 hours, but we're able to use regular detergent and everything. We have 25 fitteds with 4 covers, which lasts us about 3 days. And we've yet to have a leak. (and for those of you wondering - we only have snaps and velcro - no safety pins here!)

We haven't decided what diapers we'll be using after newborn size, but we're thinking about All-In-Twos. We're loving the two steps and not having to wash all the covers would keep costs down too. I love BestBottoms and Softbums (though Best Bottoms has a PUL layer that I like). They both run about $17/cover brand new, plus the cost of inserts. It's more of an upfront cost, absolutely. But it will definitely save us money in the long run.

I'm super excited!

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