Monday, February 15, 2010

The Hunt is On - Finding Sean's Ring

I've blogged so much about my ring (I can't help it - I love it!). While my ring has been set in stone (no pun intended) since October, we haven't actually given Sean's ring much thought. I'm thrilled to start looking though. I mean, my ring is shiny and showy, but I feel like the bride's ring is always talked about too much.
Because it's generally the prettier of the two rings, everyone always asks to see the girl's ring - I look to the guy's. Is it plain? Does it have diamonds? Is it two-toned? Guys don't generally wear jewelry, and I find it fascinating to see what they choose to signify their love and (ideally) life-long commitment. Obviously, they go into the ring-choosing process assuming they'll be wearing this ring for the rest of their life. In contrast, the average girl has no idea what her ring will look like until her boyfriend proposes with it (a tradition which I hate by the way - I knew the general idea of my surprise ring even). Generally, she assumes that she has no choice but to fall in love with it - not because of the design, but by the meaning behind it. Girls can be sentimental with the ugliest of things sometimes (a face only a mother could love?). While some will choose to change their ring, most simply diligently wear the ring that was given to them, despite whatever their gut feelings may be. Guys have more of a choice in the matter. Often times they simply go for feel, with a plain gold band. However, it's become more common for guys to have something a bit different.

Sean wants something different. Or should I say difficult? Just kidding. He should have a ring that he loves, just as much as I love mine. He wants a white gold band (or rather, just not yellow gold). He doesn't want a plain band - he's very adamant on wanting a design. He also doesn't want any bling - which of course is the style right now.

This weekend we set out to look at rings. We only had the chance to visit Shane Co, which is where Sean bought my first ring. It's also where his brother got his ring, so Sean really thinks highly of them. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of looking the day before V-day, so the place was packed. Not the best idea. Being the picky bugger that he is, he only actually tried on two rings. I keep trying to tell him that he needs to try on more, and that he might love a ring he didn't think he would like otherwise, but he's very stubborn. I think he's actually worried that this might happen. Oi.

Here are the two rings he tried on:
 (both from the Shane Co website)
The first ring he felt was too thin. It was 6mm, whereas most standard men's rings are 8mm. He did like the design though - the center has a pounded metal look. This one costs $650, and is made of white gold.

The second one is made of tungsten. He liked the width, at 8mm, but both of us thought it was too "tribal" for Sean's tastes. He does however, like the method of etching (it was actually different levels of brushed metal). He also thought it was too dark - he wants a lighter toned ring. This one costs $327. 

In my opinion, I think a simpler ring would suit him better. However, it's his ring. I've voiced my concerns, and I think he knows that I just don't want him to buy something he doesn't love. We'll definitely be looking around though.

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