Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am waaay to excited about this...

Look at it! Look at it!!

It's our return address stamp for our wedding invites!

How adorable is that?! I made an Alchemy request on Etsy on Sunday night for a custom return address stamp. I figured if I designed it on my own, it would be much cheaper (after all, all I was paying for was the stamp itself!). A few hours after I made it, I had six bids, ranging from $5 - $18. I picked a nice midrange field with someone who had stamps already listed (so I could see their quality), and emailed SandShooters back for my stamp. Tonight, it's Tuesday - and it's already been shipped. The total cost, for a stamp that we'll use 200+ times? $14.25. Completely customized, and wonderful. I can't wait til I receive it in the mail!!

This isn't the first etsy purchase I've made, but it is the first one I'll receive. I fill you in on the rest when I receive them ;)

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