Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OMG Shoes

These shoes were not $300 (but have you seen this video? It's hilarious)

Wedding shoes. I have to have them, because I can't get alterations done until I have a heel height. You heard right - I'll be wearing heels for my likely 16 hour wedding day. Early on in my wedding planning, I feel in love with pictures like this one:

Gorgeous, right? The pop of color under the pure white dress, the shiny brooches on the front...swoon. I think it's a completely awesome photo. So I started looking around. I quickly found that my beloved holly green is a nearly impossible color find - seriously. My choices narrowed to David's Bridal dyeable shoes, which can be made to match any color imaginable. I've had shoes dyed there before, and I've had pretty good luck. 

So looking around the site, I fell in love with these shoes:

Which, of course, do not come as a dyeable option. /facedesk.

I finally settled on a gorgeous set of shoes, that I love dearly nonetheless. They do not have the 4 inch heels the shoes above have, but still have an adorable detail that I adore. Unfortunately, they're not nearly as green as I was hoping. I'm having pretty sucky luck with the KC David's, which I'm sad about, especially considering how awesome the StP one is. Nonetheless, they still look great. And considering they'll be under a white dress, I'm sure they'll pop just fine :D Without futher ado, my wedding shoes!

Hmm...maybe a little plain (though can you see that adorable scalloped edge?)? Let's add some bling:
I got these buttons from an Ebay seller for about $5 a piece, and then I superglued some scrapbooking "pearls" to them to make them less...snowflaky. The result?

A gorgeous set of green heels, with some funky accents. Sorry about the awful photos - my camera has been misplaced in the move. These are all cell phone pics.

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Caryn said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! Oh my gosh! I love it! I wish I had thought of that idea. Colored shoes weren't really popular yet when I got married. Yay! Your wedding is going to be/better be the event of the season!