Friday, October 8, 2010

Laser Hair Removal

Back in August, I purchased a Groupon. Groupons are city-based (I'm signed up for both KC and STL ones) coupons that get you anywhere from 50-90% off a good or service in your area. They only go into effect if so many people purchase them, but it usually happens. Also, because you pay for them at the time, you can give them as gifts or save them for yourself.

Well, back in August, I had just gotten my new job, and was kind of excited about money - so I rewarded myself. This Groupon was for $675 of laser hair removal treatments - for $99. That was it. Um, yes please!! I clicked purchase, I went on my merry way.

It was really difficult at first to schedule my appointment with Hudson Med Spa, but at the same time, they did sell over 1300 Groupons (not to mention their regular customers). This place is so great though. It the kind of place I like - in and out, no fuss.

I went for my first treatment (that I had easily rescheduled from last Friday), and it was so easy. It was a warm little zap, but way less painful than what I was expecting. It was like someone was flicking me? In any case, I have 5 more treatments, and I'm not worried at all. Since it's laser, there aren't any results yet - it's a slow process apparently. By the way - I'm having my underarms treated.

The thing about it is that it only treats dark hair - lasers can't get peachfuzz or blond hair. Plus, since it only treats actively growing hair, 6 sessions are needed. There's not guarantee that I'll be hair-free, only that it'll be a great reduction (which I'm okay with). The great part is that I can still shave and everything in between appointments - no hair growth needed. It was only like a 15 minute process too.

I'm really excited to see how everything turns out!!

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