Monday, March 21, 2011

The Greatest Shower Gift Ever.

Yep, this post was written in March, when my shower was in November. Get over it, I was planning a wedding.

So, my bridesmaid Allie gave me what is quite possibly the best shower gift ever. And if any of you ever need to come up with an easy shower gift for a bride, I highly highly highly highly recommend this one.

I received a shiny box.

But the shiny box wasn't the cool part. The cool part was what was inside the shiny box (duh).

It was a thank you note kit!!

Inside, the box held thank you notes, addressed envelopes, and forever stamps. I had to add a few envelopes (a few older cousins bought their own gifts, so I wrote them their own notes). But seriously. It saved me a ton of time having to address envelopes, and I didn't need to go buy cards or stamps so I was able to start writing them right away.

It wasn't very expensive. It wasn't very complicated. But it was very very helpful, and to me, meaningful. It was useful.

Get this gift. No bride will ever complain.

P.S. Will someone get me this as a shower gift when I have babies? That'd be great. Thanks.

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