Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Passport!

I just got my passport in the mail!

I'm super excited about it, mostly because it means thundercats are go for our honeymoon in August! It's also one of the new, fancy ones with a microchip (hence the little flag looking thing). It cost $110 for the book (if you only plan on going to Mexico and/or Canada, opt for the Passport Card, which is a much cheaper alternative), but since our travels will be in Europe, it was required. And since I was getting the book, I didn't bother with the card. Hah!

It was actually a really simple process. I already had a passport, so technically all I was doing was renewing mine with a name change. Because of that I could A) mail it in, and B) identification parts weren't needed - I didn't need to gather up my birth certificate or anything like that. All I had to do was send away my previous passport, my marriage license (ie, proof of name change), two photos, the DS-82 form, and a nice, hefty personal check. I also had my photos taken at CVS - the $10 made my life simpler, and I didn't need to worry about them being returned for not being properly sized and whatnot.

It took less than a month for me to get my passport back (though, for the record, I still haven't gotten back my marriage license. It should come back in a separate envelope in a few days).

It's nifty, and it has my new name! I love all of the holographics on the US passports...even if they make me look like an oompa loompa with nearly blonde hair (wtf?!). The coloring is a little off, clearly.

So now, I'm only 1 step away from changing my name on everything - all I have left is my car title. Which, coincidently, is being changed on Friday. I wouldn't bother, but when we refinanced my car, they offered to pay for the change - done!

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