Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiddly Bits.

To be honest, not much is going on lately. Really, it feels like the calm before the storm. But, I feel like it's my blogger duty to let you all in the minor things that are happening.

-It's finals week for Sean. Thankfully he's only in 2 classes for the summer term, but considering they're two 16-week courses crammed into 8 weeks, I'm not sure how much better it is. In any case, he's currently printing off a 44 page outline for his intellectual property final. I should buy stock in paper.

-We think we've found a place to live next year. I really really don't want to jinx it, because it's the perfect place if all goes according to plan. Please, T&Ps. And fingers crossed.

-It's miserably hot here. Like, 105 degrees today (not including humidity). I'd much rather it be hot than raining, but it's still incredibly taxing when you're in and out all day at your job (hence why I don't like the rain!). It makes it so much more exhausting going from hot to cold constantly, and I'm tired all.the.time. It sounds like a storm is brewing outside though, so hopefully it'll cool down a bit. Just out of the excessive heat warning range.

-I finally bought some wine glasses! I snagged 6 at Gordman's for only $8, and I couldn't pass it up. I love wine, and it's nice to not have to drink it out of tumblers ;) Plus, it's much more classy for the holidays.

-I've discovered Pinterest. It's actually quite handy. Instead of bookmarking all of my crafty inspiration, I can pin it to the site. I like being able to have the visual image of my ideas, as well as being able to directly link up to the original page. Love it. If you need an invite, just let me know!

-I'm trying to establish a network within Google+. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of it yet though. I majored business communications, with an emphasis in social media uses, so I feel compelled to learn the advantages of it. I'm really digging the conference video chat feature, especially for business meetings, family communications, and even online courses. The circle feature has advantages that other users can't see the circles you've put them in, and that you can share things with only certain circles. A friend of mine has likened it to a 3rd sock (you don't quite know what to do with it). We'll see how it develops.

All and all, things are going decently well. I'm really starting to fit in at my new job and take a roll (I ran the office for the past 2 weeks on my own!). Our little packing nightmare will being soon, but we'll tackle it like everything else. Life, it goes well.

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Caryn Allen said...

I'm on Google+ too! cookingwithcaryn@gmail.com :)