Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 Days.

30 days from now, I will be stepping on to a boat off the coast of Spain.

Spain, people! Eeeek! (can you SEE my excitement?)

It's got me totally freaked out though. I've never traveled overseas, so I'm worried about getting everything in order. I work the day before we leave, and the day after we get back - it's gonna be a crazy, exhausting time. We're leaving from St. Louis, so we have to worry about getting all of our stuff (and our cat, whom mama is watching) out there. I need to find a way to pack both nice dresses for cruise dinner, and cool, lightweight (but concealing) clothes for when we go ashore. Nice heels and casual shoes.

But there's more that I need to do. Like....

1. Find an apartment (this is a big one!). As of September first, we're homeless. We've had a terrible time finding a place to live. It feels like no one is renting. It's really frustrating and disappointing, but we'll get through it. We've got a couple more places to look at this week, and we're really hoping one of them works out. We'll need to move right after we get back from our trip, which makes the whole thing even more stressful.

2. Buy a new camera. I'm leaning towards the Fuji, because it's everything I actually want. The only thing that seems to hold anyone back is the brand name. And since I'm not really a believer in brand name loyalty, I keep leaning farther, mostly due to this post.

3. Pack. I'm not sure how that's gonna happen, but it's got to happen. It'll probably involve lots of googling.

Okay, really it's just the apartment fiasco that's got me stressed. No one will show places until 30 days before, and then they mysteriously get gobbled up before the opening of day 30. UMKC homes, I'm talking about you. We had a perfect place picked out, but we waited 12 hours after we were shown the place, and someone had already rented it out. Erg.

Sean's finals are also next week, which are stressful also. I think he's done with summer term classes. He's reading 250+ pages for each subject a week, because they're trying to teach him all of the material covered in a regular term, but in eight weeks instead of sixteen. He's really stressed trying to get everything down for his finals next week, so I'm just trying to let him stress and accomplish things. I'm trying my hardest to not stress about him stressing, but it's also hard keeping everything up without his help. Ah well.

Here's to not stressing, and St. James Red Velvet wine being on sale :)

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