Monday, June 27, 2011

It's here! Our wedding album!!

Part of our wedding photography package was that we got an album - the promise was a 20 page, hard-back, image-wrapped photobook.We got 30 pages (for the same price!), and couldn't be more in love with it.

But let me tell you, picking photos for that book was hard. We parred our fabulous, rockin', 18 hour wedding day into 72 photos. Seventy Two. That's it. Our photographers gave us over 1,200 photos - not all of them were fantastic of course, but most of them were. That means we could choose only 6% of our total photo quota. Yikes. And then of course, we wrestled with the ideal of what we wanted our photo book to be. Did we want an elegant book? Did we want fun images of our loved ones? We ended up with a combination of both - fun, artsy photos, and pictures of our families having a great time.

So what did we get? Here's a look at our oh so fabulous wedding album!

 Our front cover
 First page - detail of my dress, shoes, and rings
 Gorgeous shots during our ceremony
 Beautiful solo shots on historic Main Street (and yes, the cars stopped for us)
Reception shots!
 And it came in a gorgeous, hard case to protect it

Many many thanks to Adler Photography for the gorgeous shots!

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