Tuesday, June 7, 2011



59 days.

That's less than two months.

And we will be on one of these
To our honeymoon!!!

We're flying out of Atlanta, on a Delta Airbus. We took the plunge and ponied up $60 extra bucks a person for "Economy Comfort"- basically, free booze and more leg room. It's basically half-way in between first class and coach, but as Delta doesn't have first class on international flights (only Business Elite), it's our best option. 

But, in any case, we're super excited that we're under the two month mark for our trip! I'm looking into buying a new camera, and we're also looking into prepaid international cell phones as a just in case scenario. And of course, we're scouring the internet for any previous Disney cruisers - we know that it's different than any other experience out there!! 

We're planning on doing all of the areas except for Florence by ourselves - and that's only because Florence is TWO HOURS from the port. We don't want to risk getting "left behind". The rest of the excursions are far too expensive for us, and we know that we can get by just fine. We'll of course get a guide book, but for the most part, we're just winging it!

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