Wednesday, April 11, 2012


-Last week was hella busy. I'm super grateful for the new guy at work. And the overtime that will be on my paycheck.

-I have to donate stuff this week. SHOES!! But I'm determined that all of my shoes will fit in my 24 underbed storage pockets, and my shoe shelf.

-The law school prom is Saturday night. I'm ridiculously excited for the chance to get dolled up, get my nails done, do my hair fancy, and go out. Plus the top shelf open bar :)

-Sean and I had a baby talk on our Florida trip. We're currently aiming for next spring to start trying (or at least, stop preventing). We're just not quite ready to give up spontaneous vacations that we can barely afford.

-I definitely need to clean this weekend. I'm actually excited that it's supposed to be rainy.

-Sean and I have to dress up TWICE this week. He has a Phi Alpha Delta honors society induction tomorrow night, and then on Saturday we have the Barrister's Ball. It's going to be fantastic!

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