Saturday, March 31, 2012

Live from...the beach!

Sean's aunt Chrissy lives in Destin, Florida. She and her family have lived there for years, and it's generally the vacation spot of the family. Well, it's been 3 years since we've been last (because the last summers have been filled with Disney World, moving/starting law school, and Europe - woe is us, right?), and we were really itching for a relaxed beach visit.

So, it's Sean's spring break, and I begged for a couple of days off (which did involve begging, due to the fact it's month end - love my boss!). We drove 17 hours (yup, seventeen) right after I got off work on Wednesday, got into town on Thursday afternoon, and stuck our toes in the sand. We also did a bit of outlet mall shopping, and I scored myself a sweet new coach purse (for over 40% off), and we got Sean a new watch for his birthday. Of course, at this point, I had been up for roughly 36 hours, and we crashed early.

Yesterday and today were spent beachside, hanging out with family, and eating out at the location hot spots. We've been down here so often that we don't really feel like tourists, which is why we love it.

Unfortunately, our whirlwind trip is about to come to an end. Tonight's our last night here. We leave bright and early tomorrow, and I have to work Monday morning. Sad day. But even though we've only had roughly 48 here, it's been sooo amazing and relaxing. I couldn't have asked for more for this little short trip!!

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