Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving Talks

It's time. Sean and I both graduated from our perspective schools this past December, and have been debating back and forth what city we'll live in, as well as how soon it will happen. We've decided, and now the plans ready to be put in motion.

I'm currently in CoMo, and Sean is in StP. Sean has been applying for law schools, and has been put on the waiting list for several. Law schools are complicated in this way - there are some that put all prospective students on wait lists, others put very few. One of the schools that Sean has been wait listed for is UMKC. He really wants to go there. He's had an interview, and is fairly high up on the wait list.

We had to make a decision. We can't stay in CoMo - I can't work 2 part-time jobs, and there aren't many full time jobs here. CoMo has been wonderful for the last four years, but it's time to move on. We're both ready for the next stage in our lives. We could move back to StL, but it's so expensive to live there. We need space from our families - space for us to create ourselves. Both of us love our large, close-knit families, but we've never actually gotten away and we need the time to define ourselves. We've been taken for granted a lot (example: Sean's grandma was in the hospital yesterday - we weren't called until nearly 7 hours later, and even then it was after everyone else had gone to visit), and we're tired of it.

We decided to just go ahead and move to KC. There's a pretty even chance that Sean could get accepted or rejected, and we're aware of that. But KC is less expensive city than StL, but still large. Another bonus? There's a train that goes to and from StL and KC. I have to be out of my duplex on July 30th, so ideally, the move will start around then (or even July 1st). We (thankfully) have enough money to live off for a while, but I'll start job searching pronto. We have several friends that live in KC, so they'll help us narrow down our options as far as apartments go, but hopefully at the end of May or beginning on June we'll be able to take a trip out there to search. What would we do without the internet?!

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