Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sean and I completed another, much anticipated, wedding event this weekend - the registry!

Sean's been bouncing off the walls lately, asking me to do it (seriously, since January). I didn't want to set them up too soon, because I know the risks of items being discontinued and such. I finally agreed that we could do them in April. Some people argue that it's still too early, but we have a couple of reasonings. First of all, there's no guaranteed chance that we'll be back to St. Louis before the wedding. Seriously. It's highly likely that with any new job I get, I might not be able to get back more than 2 days or so before the wedding (most new jobs don't allow for vacation time). While we'll probably be in town for a few days for Christmas, we probably won't have extra time. We've pretty much come to grips with the fact that we probably won't have any showers or other parties in this case, simply because no one else sees this aspect/considers it a possibility. Essentially, there's no guarantee that we'll have a shower or anything unless it's this summer. Yes, if we're in KC it probably won't be a big deal - but if we're anywhere else (and right now, Little Rock is a distinct possibility), there's a good chance we won't be home again. On the off chance that someone scrapes together something, we wanted to have registries set up though.

In any case, we decided to do two main registries. We registered at both Macy's and Target - the first mostly for kitchenware that was reliable and higher class, and the second for the funky versions of ourselves that our poor college friends could afford. What are we looking forward to most on the registry?
(because, one day, we will have a deck to eat on in the summers and I LOVE this summer dinnerware)
(How else do you easily know how think your pizza crust is?)

(Check these out. They're copper bottom pans, but they're covered with stainless steel so they're dishwasher safe. Awesome!)

And from Target, we chose to put more homegoods on the list:

We also registered for a lot of linens, board games, and picture frames. I'm really excited about all of things we put on the registry. A  lot of them are dreams, but things that we couldn't possibly afford for ourselves. There are some things we might not have a place for, but we can always return them for gift cards. We made sure to add items from stores that we knew we would always shop at. 

We'll probably have to revamp the registry after we move, but at least we have a jumping point. Anything you'd suggest that we absolutely add on that we might have forgotten?

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Jessica said...

Love the bench and coat rack! A family I baby sit for often has one and I lust over it every time. =)