Monday, July 21, 2014


I've fallen in love with babywearing.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Moby, which is what I first used when Natalie was born. She wasn't a big fan either - she doesn't like to be confined.

But then I discovered Tulas. I learned about them from a friend, and then a baby blog I read, and then facebook. They're basically awesome. It's a SSC (soft structured carrier), so it has a buckle and forms to Natalie. It's like wearing her as a backpack (or front pack). I bought one with my birthday money, and it might be the best thing I've bought yet. It's so comfortable, and Natalie loves it - she can see what's going on, she's held, she can sleep there, and she can play with my necklace.
 (back carry)

We took it to Denver with us, and seriously only used the stroller once.  She was in the Tula the rest of the time. I almost feel guilty, because we have a ridiculously awesome (and expensive) stroller. But I know that Natalie will ride in the stroller when she's older, and right now is prime time for tula-ing. It was perfect in the airport (TSA can't force you to remove the baby, so I didn't get a pat down or xray or anything - just a hand swab), and I swear this thing has sleepy dust - PERFECT for a first flight.
(front carry - Mt. Evans summit at over 14,000 ft!)

Plus, I have the Eiko Quilt, which is ADORABLE. I'd love to eventually upgrade to a half wrap conversion, but they're expensive. Totally worth it, I hear, but expensive nonetheless. Maybe I'll start saving now. :) It turns out there's a whole world of Tula crazy moms, which blows my mind. But I'm thinking I might have to order a cute hood or other accessories for my Tula.
(stock photo of my carrier)

I don't foresee us stopping anytime soon - it's just easy. Maybe when bits is walking. The standard Tula has a weight limit of 45 lb (and there's a size above it!). But for now, we're loving babywearing. 

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